Calcium and phosphorous are important for the development of a normal skeleton and deficiency can occur in flocks of every age. This results in reduced bone mineralization which in turn leads to rachitis, osteomalacia, and osteoporosis. Laying hens with a calcium and phosphorus deficiency produce eggs with thin and brittle shells. Unspecific symptoms such as growth depression, poor immunity, and neurological disorders also commonly occur.

Lovit Phos is a liquid formulation with phosphorous, calcium, and further trace and volume elements to support skeletal structure and egg shell quality. With abalanced blend of highly-available minerals, Lovit Phos facilitates the formation of a strong skeleton, a sound musculoskeletal system, and excellent egg shell quality.

Lovit Phos:
Balanced mineral blend for a strong skeleton and good egg shell quality
Highly-available source of phosphorous
Reduction of the pH value for efficient digestion
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