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About Us

We are armed with the vision to be a significant contributor in providing safe, healthy and affordable food for the Filipino people. Together with our partners, we aim to focus on ensuring our Filipino farmers have access to reliable, proven and innovative products. The end in mind is to help them enhance performance efficiencies and aid in disease control for more profitable operations.

Established in December 2011, Nezus Philippines Corporation (NEZUS) aspires to be one of the leading, reliable and respected distributors of animal health and nutritional products in the Philippines.

NEZUS provides the industry with live yeast probiotics, prebiotics, pigments, specific aromatic substances, herbal products, vitamins, minerals, water soluble supplementations and disinfectants.

At present, NEZUS has exclusive distribution agreements with several highly regarded multinational companies. This is clearly an indication that these companies recognize the credibility and integrity of NEZUS.

A team of dedicated and well-trained employees is available to support the company’s vision of earning the trust and confidence of their customers, their principals and the industry in general.